Implant-Supported Dentures Keep Teeth in Place Without Adhesive

If you’ve ever tried conventional dentures, you know that they can take some getting used to. They may may slip, come loose, or make clicking noises when you chew. Still, standard dentures are a good way to get back a full set of teeth so your smile looks more attractive and you can chew easier.

However, the team at Columbia Family Dentistry would like to introduce you to a better kind of denture. We use implant-supported dentures to help our patients regain their smile and their oral function. Rather than resting on your gums and relying on suction and denture adhesive to stay in place, this type of denture is secured to a set of dental implants using a sturdy metal bar.

This setup makes them much more stable and comfortable than conventional dentures. All the forces of biting and chewing are transferred to your jawbone via your implants, rather than your gums. This style of denture:

  • Avoids stress and uncomfortable pressure on your gums
  • Allows you to eat, talk, laugh, and sing without fear that your teeth will come out
  • Provides more stability when eating hearty, crunchy foods
  • Is designed to only be removed by a dentist, requiring only brushing and flossing to stay clean

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