Enhance Your Oral Health With Exams & Cleanings

A cleaning and exam is anything but “routine” at Columbia Family Dentistry. Our team goes the extra mile to provide each patient the highest level of dental care possible. If you’re a new patient at our practice, your initial appointment will generally consist of the following:

  • Your dental hygienist will ask some questions about your dental history, so we have a good understanding of your oral health.
  • We’ll take digital X-rays of your teeth, roots, bones, and nerves to look for any underlying problems.
  • The hygienist will perform a complete oral exam, including an oral cancer screening. They will use an intraoral scanner to check for problems and take photos of your teeth using an intraoral camera.
  • We’ll thoroughly clean and polish each of your teeth, making sure to reach the areas you might miss at home.
  • Dr. Wilburn will carefully examine your mouth, paying special attention to any areas of interest noted by the hygienist.
  • We’ll make recommendations for any needed restorative treatments, making sure to answer all your questions.

Call Columbia Family Dentistry today at 931-548-6161 to schedule your next visit. Ensure your smile remains in top form with regular dental cleanings and exams in Columbia.